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Lenawee Office                        Hillsdale Office

770 Riverside Ave.                   110 Reading Ave.

Suite 11                                        Jonesville, MI 49250

Adrian, MI 49221                      Tel: 517-849-2333

Tel: 517-264-2244                   517-849-2330

Fax: 517-263-3325                   Fax: 517-849-2906

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Meet Our Team

Gary McCullough

Co-owner and 

Chief Executive Officer

Gary began volunteering in human services in 1975 and then worked in multiple settings providing mental health and substance use services. With years of experience, Gary prides himself as one of two founding members of McCullough, Vargas and Associates.  He founded MVA in 1990 with his good friend, Roy Vargas. As he enters the latter years of his career and approaches retirement, he enjoys spending more time with family and  hobbies such as hunting and fishing.

Ryan Vargas

Executive Vice


Ryan began working for McCullough, Vargas and Associates in 2009.   After working for MVA for nine years he left to enhance his clinical expertise and learn new treatment modalities. He joined the Henry Ford Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center Intensive Outpatient Program team and is thankful for that experience. He is excited to have returned to MVA in 2021 with new vision to expand services. He is passionate about finding gaps in services and finding solutions to meet the needs of the community. It is due to Ryan's passion, perseverance,  and dedication, M-DHHS has approved Adrian outpatient office to provide Level 2.1, Intensive Outpatient Services.  

Ryan completed his Master's Degree from Eastern Michigan University. His clinical work frequently incorporates skills and concepts such as mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, acceptance, spirituality (whatever that means to client), and cognitive-behavioral therapy. 

Ryan enjoys spending time with family, movie trivia, nature walks, crossword puzzles, reading, and training his two dogs.

Elisia Dumire

Financial Director

Elisia has worked for McCullough, Vargas and Associates since 1998, in various capacities.  She is a vital component to the team, managing financial aspects for all programs and services. Her quality-improvement and fiscal oversight help the team stay organized.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, and listening to podcasts.

Melissa Vargas

Clinical Director and Program Director for Lenawee County

Melissa joined the MVA management and clinical team in 2020. Melissa has been working in the mental health and substance use field since 2005, even though she began volunteering in the 1990s.  She is passionate about working with individuals who struggle with co-occurring disorders. She incorporates a variety of therapeutic models, including DBT-informed interventions, in her practice.  She completed her Master's degree from Eastern Michigan University. Melissa has a reputation of thinking outside the box, which is an asset to her team and in clinical practice.  In her free time Melissa enjoys games, craft projects, outdoor adventures, gardening, and spending time with family.